Bring the arts to life!

Take your students on a creative journey, as they explore, learn and apply their skills in the arts.

What is it?

ARTS:LIVE is an engaging, interactive teaching and learning platform for the arts curriculum.

Jump on board this free and easy, interactive web application to facilitate collaboration and innovation across all five art forms in your classroom. Regardless of your existing skills and knowledge, ARTS:LIVE provides extensive cross-curricular content, with sequential instructions to bring the arts alive.


Feature 01

Activities in five art forms

Enable students to produce creative works, with over 150 activities across the areas of Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts. All resources are curriculum aligned and classroom-ready.

Feature 02

High quality content

All ARTS:LIVE content is created in partnership with Australia’s leading arts organisations and practitioners. Immerse your students in the arts through this cutting edge media-rich, high definition content.

Feature 03

Supported and accessible

A comprehensive, concise help section ensures you won’t get lost. All content is accessible for visual and hearing impaired. Multimedia content is flexible, scaling to your connection speed to ensure a high quality user experience.

Feature 04

Teacher only section

A hidden, teachers-only section facilitates confident and effective delivery for each activity. Comprehensive documentation is supplied for preparation, cross-curricular learning and extension.


Registration is free and offers instant access to all Australian primary and secondary teachers. Not a teacher? Provide us with a few details, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Download the ARTS:LIVE Bongos to Break Dancing poster for your staffroom here.

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